About Daphne

Daphne is ambitious, having worked in various industries.

An innovator, she constantly seeks challenges

and well able to direct a team that may be

underperforming. Trying a different approach

for the team to acquire their targets and objectives.

Her visionary ability allows her to develop imaginative

solutions for problems. These are also included in her

book which is about to become a best-seller, entitled

“Climbing the ladder of success”, which also has a workbook.

 Some of her motivators are challenge and

efficiency of operation.


Daphne challenged me to rethink about my passion for entrepreneurship and my skills. You have helped me as I used to have fear of failure so now I know what I need to do. Also you helped me to accept that there are seasonal friends and I must let them go without going on a guilt trip. I must not raise dead stuff. I now accept reality

F. Monene

Daphne is challenging us to have a high bar, full of information, easy to understand and informative. You give lots of practical guidance or what to implement in one’s life and business

E. Ndlovu.

They say dynamites come in small packages. I must be honest when you told me about the book I didn’t think that it would be this good. You are also an inspiration to me as an upcoming entrepreneur. With your determination, great things are coming your way

D. Matamela

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